Civilian police forces of Israel (SHAHAM)

Civilian police forces of Israel (SHAHAM)

There is an interesting opportunity for women in the TZAHAL who want to try the role of a policeman. As agreed by “Mishtara” and the army, the recruits can perform their duty in the civilian police forces (Mishtara Khula). There are several specializations in this position:

1. Patroller (Israeli street patrol in a car)
2. Call-center operator (processing of calls and reports made to the police — moked 100)
3. Laboratory (analysis of the trace evidence and laboratory procedures)
4. Intelligence department (intelligence gathering in the matter of criminal cases and helping to coordinate police investigators)

→ The training consists of a standard police officer training course which is 14 weeks long followed by additional training subject to assignment.

Placement according to the preliminary tests results (Yom aMea) or by the sorting officer (Katzin Miyun)

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