Navy (Heil HaYam)

Naval Simulator Instructor (Meamenet simulator heil HaYam)

A naval simulator Instructor is a rare and interesting position for women in the TZAHAL Navy. As part of «Tafkid» women are responsible for the tuition and training of the soldiers and officers of the Israeli Navy: armed patrol boat soldiers (Satilim), divers (Tzolelot), naval captains (Hovlim) and soldiers of other “Heil HaYam” combat units. (more…)

Sea tug (Goreret Yamait)

It is a rare possibility for women in the Israeli army to try the role of a seaman. The position includes assistance in Navy ships’ transportation, participation in maritime exercise, joint operations with naval corps – Navy seals (Shayetet 13), warfare crafts (Satilim) and submarines (Tzolelot). Sea tug soldiers study the systems of ship navigation, marine communication and coordination. (more…)

Naval equipment technician (Alhutanit Hof)

Technical skills are in great demand in the Israeli Navy and it is a good opportunity for women to gain specialist skills in TZAHAL. Technicians in Haley Yam adjust, repair and inspect naval forces reporting systems, mechanical and electronic equipment as well as underwater diving and combat systems. They are assigned to different Navy units with the possibility to be promoted to command and training positions. (more…)