Education and Social Security Services

Social worker (Mashakit Tash)

«Mashakit Tash» in TZAHAL are responsible for soldiers’ service conditions (in each separate unit or base). A social worker helps soldiers with financial problems during the term of their service, housing problems (for example, to issue a permit for permanent accommodation in a soldier’s house — Beit Hayal), additional days–off, transferring to another place of service, and many other things. (more…)

Education administrator (Mashakit Hinuch)

The post of “Mashakit Hinuch” in the Israeli Army is a good opportunity for women to gain experience in the sphere the organization of leisure time and education of TZAHAL soldiers. Soldiers in this post are responsible for the organization of training courses in their unit (for example Hebrew course “Ulpanit” or “Nativ” course), for development and implementation of educational programs for TZAHAL soldiers, for cultural events and in-depth knowledge of Israeli history and TZAHAL ideology. (more…)