Lifeguard at pools (Matzila baBriha) – women

For recruits, who used to do swimming, there is a position of lifeguard at Air Force base’s pools (Heil HaAvir). «Matzila baBriha” is quite a rare position, but an excellent opportunity for sportswomen to “pursue their occupation” during their service in TZAHAL. “Matzilim” fulfill two main functions of a lifeguard and a swimming pool administrator. Soldiers in this position obtain a rescuer card accepted by the Ministry of labor, which is valid both in the army and in civilian life. (more…)

Combat and sports instructor (Madrihat kosher kravi) – women

The position of a sports instructor in TZAHAL will suit women who like sport and pursue an active lifestyle. “Madag” carries out athletic training and gives lectures about sports and physical training both for soldiers and officers. As an addition to the basic course, during the service it is possible to follow instructor courses in aerobics, Pilates etc. (more…)

Jumpmaster (Madrihat Tzniha) — women

A jumpmaster is a very important and interesting position for women in the Israeli army. As the name suggests, Madrih Tzniha conduct parachute jump courses for Paratrooper units of the Israeli Army and other corps. Besides the jumpmasters’ responsibilities include landing operations with combat equipment and teaching high-altitude parachute jumps techniques. (more…)