Lifeguard at pools (Matzil baBriha)

For recruits who used to do swimming there is a position of a lifeguard at pools at Air Force bases (Kheil HaAvir). «Matzil baBriha” is quite a rare position, but a very good possibility for sportsmen to “pursue their occupation” during their service in TZAHAL. “Matzilim” fulfill two main functions, those of lifeguard and swimming pool administrator. Soldiers in this position receive a rescuer card accepted by the Ministry of Labor which is valid both in the army and in civilian life. (more…)

Emergency situations Instructor (Mashak Hilutz ve hatzala)

A position for men in TZAHAL related to Homeland Command (Hilutz ve atzala). In peacetime the main task of the emergency instructor is to conduct lessons and train the military personnel of the unit. In case of emergencies it is the instructor who directly deals with their consequences, human rescue and salvage of property in Israel and abroad. (more…)

Air Force Defense Instructor (Mashak itgonenut be Heil havir)

It is a position in TZAHAL. The Air Force Defense Instructor is responsible for the preparation of the base where he conducts his duty, various emergency and combat situations. As part of this training the instructor conducts lessons and stages drills in first aid treatment, and the defense of the base in war time and in case of terror attack, chemical-biological defense, etc. (more…)