Combat and sports instructor (Madrich kosher kravi)

Combat and sports instructor (Madrich kosher kravi)

“Madag” carries out athletic training in the units assigned and gives lectures about sports and physical training, both for soldiers and officers. As an addition to the basic course it is possible to take instructor courses in spinning, Pilates, etc., during the service term.

For those who are experienced in martial arts there is a possibility to take part in instructor courses in hand-to-hand combat (madrich krav maga). For soldiers who do water sports it is possible to take rescuer courses.

→The basic training is 12 weeks long which includes basic military training.

→Those who are eager to get the position of a «Madrich kosher kravi» are to pass the prior selection recruitment which involves, among other things, conducting a lesson on a given topic, passing tests in order to define the candidate’s fitness level, and taking a personal interview.

The candidate is to submit a doctor’s conclusion about his health condition.

Medical profile 82-97

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