Pilot (Tayeset)

Pilot (Tayeset)

In 1995 the “Tisa” course was opened for women. In 1998 TZAHAL flight school had its first female graduate. Since then, more than 40 women have graduated from the flight school. Pilots are the air force elite of the Israeli Army. They are either combat aircraft, cargo aircraft, or helicopter pilots.

→One of the most difficult and longest training courses in the Israeli Army is 3 years long. Upon its completion soldiers obtain a Bachelor’s academic degree and officer’s epaulets. Only a sixth of the soldiers who start the course complete it.

→After the course, the pilots receive additional training in their squadrons. Those who are enrolled in the course are to sign a 9-year contract service agreement. Furthermore, women are to sign a contract for an additional year of compulsory military service, as initially women are supposed to serve for only two years

Besides personal data and tests the selection conditions include a six –day “Gibbush” (Physical fitness and evaluation).

Medical profile 97
Psychometric score not less than 54 (Kaba)
Security clearance (Sivug Bithoni)

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