Army musical band and theatre (Laaka Tzvait, Teatron)

The Israeli army offers some unconventional, creative positions for women, such as in a musical band, a magician, and in a drama studio. These units are tasked with boosting the TZAHAL soldiers’ morale, the popularization of culture, and developing creativity. Activities by means of music, performances in the genre of ‘magic’ and dramatical performances contribute to the raising of awareness of the Israeli army.

→The selection to these positions is conducted once a year. In order to take part in it, one needs to apply on the army site “Olim al madim” or through the Recruits administration (Meitav).
→Candidates, who have passed the selection, after having submitted the application, will be invited to take a test, which is in November.
→The next stage consists of a placement within the areas of activity and audition results.

Final results are usually announced within several months by written notification.

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