Unit 669

«669» is an elite unit aimed at the rescue of downed pilots, the evacuation of soldiers from the front-line, and air medical evacuation from the battlefield. It also undertakes civilian evacuations as a routine activity (especially seamen, tourists lost in a desert, and car accident victims from remote areas).

→The unit soldiers training lasts for 18 months and it is compulsory to sign a contract for at least 16 months of additional service.

→ The selection includes passing a day test “Yom Sayarot” (Special forces testing day) followed by psychometric and mental tests, and finishing with a three-day “Gibbush” (Physical fitness and psychological evaluation) that also includes tasks to exercise with ropes, belts, nodes and land navigation. Some tasks must be performed in water.

→ After passing all tests one has to take an interview with a psychologist to get access to classified information (Sivug Bithony).

Medical profile 97
Psychometric score not less than 52 (Kaba)
Security clearance (Sivug Bithoni)

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