Truck driver (Naag Masa)

Truck driver (Naag Masa)

Drivers are in great demand in the army as the Israeli Defense Forces are very mobile and use many means of transport, ranging from special-purpose ones to those that do not differ from civilian vehicles:

  1. Trucks
    2. Hummers of standard specification and armored
    3. Ford trucks of various modifications
    4. Medical ambulance based on different vehicle modifications
    5. Vehicles of Israeli modification Sufa, Abir, Zeev, Safaron and others

→The recruits who wish to serve as drivers have a possibility to get a driving license before conscription; it’s a C1-category driving license which includes the right to drive passenger transport.

→After conscription and upon basic training completion, the drivers are placed at various TZAHAL units.

Driver training is at the army expense.

To get into this unit, one should inform the sorting officer at the interview (Katsin miyun) or choose it while filling in the form sent by the army (Manila)

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