System administrator (Mafil maarahot mahshev)

mafilmaarehotmahshevThe position of system administrator is a good possibility to gain experience in the IT sphere. “Mafil maarahot mahshev” are responsible for server support in Data-centers, fault correction and increasing systems’ performance.
As part of their service administrators work with databases, various platforms in different environments, do repairs where needed. Such activity requires the observing of IT security standards.

During the course, Mafil maarahot mahshev study Windows, Office, PC NetApp (UNIXLINUX, DB, MainFrame, storage), exchange, Active Directory (windows server), PERL language and basics of IT security. Topics that are studied change in accordance with the development of world modern technologies.

→The course lasts for 3 months.

→All soldiers of the unit must sign a one-year contract of service. It is possible to be enrolled in leadership and officer courses.

→Placement by Agaf Tikshuv bases (technological unit), including МАМRАМ, Air Force and intelligence bases (Heil HaModein)

Selection for this position starts before the conscription to the army and consists of tests (no special knowledge required), an interview and a security background check (Sivug Bithoni). The invitation for the selection may be received via Mitav (Recruitment Center) 03-7388888 or via the Technical department of TZAHAL

It is necessary to pass a selection test (no special knowledge required)
Medical profile 64 and below (there might be exceptions for soldiers with a higher profile)
Security clearance (Sivug Bithoni)

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