Radio station «Galei TZAHAL» (Kotev tzvai galatz)

Radio station «Galei TZAHAL» (Kotev tzvai galatz)

A rare but very interesting job for men in the Israeli armyis editor of the “Galatz” army radio station. The duties involve: music selection, editing news items and preparing broadcasts.

→The training course lasts for up to 3 months depending on the specialization. The place of service is at a radio station in Tel-Aviv.

→The selection to «Galei Tzahal» is conducted before conscription during army seminars on «Information and media». In order to take part in them one needs to sign up via the army website “Olim al madim” or through the recruitment administration (Meitav).

Candidates selected to the post will be invited for tests to the main office of the radio station. The next stage comprises of a personal interview and placement within the radio station. Applicants are informed about the final results within several months by written notification.

Work experience or courses/studies in this area of activity
One should select the position of “Galei TZAHAL” first on the pre-conscription questionnaire (Manila)

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