Armed Patrol Boats (Satilim)

Armed Patrol Boats (Satilim)

Armed patrol boats (Satilim — «sfinat tilim») offer a good opportunity to perform military duty in the combat units of the “Hel aYam” (Navy). The boats, armed with missiles, are the main force on the Israeli sea border.

Alongside patrolling the territory, the soldiers are also responsible for preventing naval incursion on the country border, and naval attacks, counteracting terrorist organizations, and protecting the Israeli coast. Combatant crafts «haley yam» patrol the entire Israeli territory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and take part in many military operations which are mainly classified.

→Satilim soldiers follow basic training 02 (Rovaeii) and further on are assigned to different courses according to their specialization. The professional course lasts for 2-8 months.

→It is possible to enroll in leadership and officer courses during the period of military service.

→In order to be accepted to the Satilim unit one needs to select “Hel aYam” units in the questionnaire (Manila), sub-unit Satilim/Dvorim and then pass a 2-day selection process (Gibbush).

The possibility to pass Gibbush in order to be accepted to the armed naval units is also provided at Hebrew courses in «Michve Alon».

72-97 (recruits with a mild degree of visual deterioration are accepted)
Personal profile middle level and above (Kaba)

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