Search and rescue fighter (Palhatz) – women

Search and rescue fighter (Palhatz) – women


The main role of the search and rescue fighter in TZAHAL is to save lives in a variety of methods during emergency situations. Operating vehicles and providing first aid will be at hand for those who need it.

Like many search and rescue fighters, many will have to rescue trapped people in buildings. Tall buildings will require the fighter to recognize and use equipment designed for climbing, surfing and rescue with ropes and harnesses appropriately.

In addition the fighters have drills with the Israeli police, ambulance and firefighters.

Length of training:
– 9 weeks basic training
– 8 weeks rescue course
– 4 months “shetah” training
– 4 months advanced exercises and training (Imun mitkadem)

At the conclusion of the Advanced Training, the soldiers will take part in a two-week course summary including physical tests of endurance in a war-like simulation and an Israeli-educational journey, for 4 days, covering 55 kilometers, at the end of which they will receive the orange beret.

→ Obligation mandatory to serve 32 months. There is an obligation to be a part of the army reserve in the IDF

→ Placement and possibilities of advancement: Once fighters finish their course they will be placed in the different search and rescue bases

Soldiers that fit the criteria can continue to commanders and officer’s course

How to join:
Medical Profile required 82-97
Screening process: a two day tryout (Miun Lohamot)

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