Artillery Corps (Totchanim)

TothanimTagThe artillery unit is a major part of the ground combat forces in multiple and diverse missions. The corps is tasked with two principal missions:
1. Assisting IDF maneuvering forces, at the place, time and with the firepower required.
2. Paralyzing and destroying enemy targets throughout the IDF zone of operations.

Totchanim are responsible for the artillery alignment in various combat and command positions in many fields, such as command posts over advanced operational and attack systems, management and calculation of artillery fire, operation of communication devices, and conducting meteorologist case studies to improve artillery fire accuracy.

→ Length of basic training (Tironut): 2 months (“Rovai” 03)

→ Placement and possibilities of advancement: after the fighters finish the course they are placed in the different artillery bases

Soldiers that fit the criteria can continue to commanders and officer’s course

How to join:
Medical Profile required (72-97)
Ask Katzin Miun (Placement officer) or mark “Tocthanim” as a first priority in “Manila” (Placement questionnaire)

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