Civilian police forces of Israel (SHAHAM)

Civilian police forces of Israel (SHAHAM)

There is an interesting possibility for TZAHAL soldiers who want to try the role of a policeman. As agreed by “Mishtara” and the army, the recruits can perform their duty in the civilian police force (Mishtara Khula). There are several specializations referring to this position:

1. Patroller (Israeli streets patrol in a car).
2. Call-center operator (call processing and the submitting of reports to the police — Moked 100).
3. Laboratory (analysis of trace evidence and laboratory procedures).
4. Intelligence department (intelligence data collection of criminal cases and help in the coordination of actions of police investigators/ first responders).

→The training consists of a standard police officer training course which lasts for 14 weeks followed by additional training subject to assignment.

One should select SHAHAM first on the pre-conscription questionnaire (Manila) or inform the Katzin Miyun

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