Military Investigator (Balash Tzvai)

Military Investigator (Balash Tzvai)

Military investigators are part of the Military police Corps. The responsibilities of “Balashim” include the following duties:
1. Monitoring and data collection
2. Surveillance
3. Searching properties and suspects
4. Detection and capture of soldiers who are absent without leave
5. Conducting investigations, secretly or publicly (both at civilian sites and military facilities)

→The training consists of several stages: a 6-week course of basic military training followed by a range of professional courses, such as a week’s course on work placement at the civilian police or a hand-to-hand combat class at Wingate Sports Institute.

The level of secrecy is very high and soldiers are supposed to wear civilian clothes during the period of service.

One should select Mishtara Tzva’ first on the pre-conscription questionnaire (Manila) or inform the Katzin Miyun
Medical Profile 64 and below

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