Firefighter (Kabaya Hesh)

Firefighter (Kabaya Hesh)

kibuieshsikaIt is not easy to get a position of a firefighter in TZAHAL because recruitment to this unit is limited in comparison with the more popular positions. Nevertheless, this position does exist, and if you really desire this position there is a possibility to serve in the Israeli army in the capacity of a “Kabaya”.

A firefighter in the army is responsible for his base and the surrounding area: in case of fire “Kabaim” are the first to arrive at the scene of the emergency and carry out firefighting, evacuate soldiers from the buildings and rescue injured people. In their routine service firefighters take fire prevention measures at the base, keep the equipment and fire appliances in good repair and spend a lot of time at emergency behavior drills.

In case of a fire “Kabaim” involve the police force, the ambulance service and civil fire safety services. The position of a firefighter is of high responsibility; in case of accidents they save peoples’ lives and expensive resources of the army.

→Serving as a firefighter helps to gain indispensable experience and gives a good opportunity to be employed according to the profession after completing military service.

→The course lasts 3 weeks.

→Placement all over the country.

It is possible to leave the bases: a week on service – a week at home.

Medical profile 72-97
It is necessary to select Kabaya Hesh first on the pre-conscription questionnaire (Manila) or placement by the Katzin Miyun

The photo shows the badge of the Israel fire service.

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