Artillery Corps (Totchanim) – women

TothanimTagAs an artillery corps fighter girls have the option to fit in one of the positions listed below:

– Fighter “smashes” (MLRS): advanced system of rocket launchers.
– Operator of telecommunications system: fire command center artillery battalion.

Being an artillery fighter in Israeli Army includes working with the most advanced computerized system to manage fire, command and control.
Fighting and operating of the “LET”: fighter and radar system operator that detects enemy fire in real life.

→ Length of training (Tironut+Course): 4 months (“Rovai” 03)

→ Obligation mandatory to serve 32 months. There is an obligation to be a part of the army reserve in the IDF

→ Placement and possibilities of advancement: after the fighters finish the course they are placed in the different artillery bases

Soldiers that fit the criteria can continue to commanders and officer’s course

How to join:
Medical Profile required (72-97)
High Kaba (Qualitative score)
Screening process: a two day tryout (Miun Lohamot)

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