Unit 8200 (Yehida Shmoneh-Matayim)

Unit 8200 (Yehida Shmoneh-Matayim)

Unit 8200 is the main unit of TZAHAL signal intelligence that is part of the Israeli Defense Force Intelligence Corps (“AMAN”). Soldiers in this unit are responsible for signal intelligence collecting and code decryption.

Information collected by unit 8200 is used by TZAHAL, SHABAK, Mossad, the Security Ministry and intelligence corps of other countries. The functions of the unit can be compared to the US National Security Agency which includes monitoring, tapping, filming and jamming.

→ There are several thousand soldiers serving in «Shmone Mataim». It consists of numerous departments, each performing its own activities and has a different level of security. For example, the Hatzav department is engaged in data collection and analysis from mass media: radio, newspapers, internet and television.

→The selection for unit 8200 is conducted very thoroughly, this unit recruits only the most talented and promising soldiers.

The selection undergoes several stages:

  1. Conscripts whose personal profile meets the requirements (Kaba, Dapar) are invited to take tests of the intelligence corps (“Heil Modein”): basic knowledge, analytical abilities and personal skills verification.
  2. Conscripts who have successfully passed the first stage will be invited to take a personal interview.
  3. The third stage consists of security clearance and an additional interview prior to conscription.
  4. Those who pass all the stages will get an assignment to TZAHAL Intelligence Corps and a position in accordance with the security clearance and test results.

Most of the 8200 unit soldiers get employment at leading high-tech companies upon completion of their military service. Many famous Israeli start-ups were established by former «Shmone Mataim» soldiers.

Security clearance (Sivug Bithoni)
High psychometric score (Kaba)
Knowledge of foreign languages and programming languages, good analytical abilities.



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