Tzanhanim (Paratroopers brigade)

Tzanhanim is the only brigade of TZAHAL, where service is voluntary and does not depend on distribution.

→The paratroopers follow standard infantry training, basic military training (Tironut) for the training level 05 (Rovai) and further they proceed to additional training (Imun Mitkadem) for level 07 (Rovai).

→In the frame of additional training, the soldiers follow “Tzniha” course (parachute jumping). As in other infantry brigades, Imun Mitkadem finishes after a 4-month combat duty.

→After completing all trainings, some soldiers have the possibility to enroll in leadership courses (Mifaked) and then officer courses (Katzin).

→It’s possible to be inducted into the paratroopers brigade after going through “Gibbush” (physical fitness and psychological selection) and a personal interview.

Medical profile 82-97
You should indicate Tzanhanim in the first place in your pre-conscription questionnaire (Manila) or inform the sorting officer.

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