Armored corps (Shiryon)

Armored corps (Shiryon)

ShirionTag“Where the caterpillar track stops, there will be the border!”
“Merkava” tanks are one of the most important weapons of the Israeli Defense Forces. Tankmen driving this machine have direct influence on the eventual outcome of military operations.

→Tankmen follow basic military training for level 03 (Rovai) followed by a course directly related to their position in the tank crew (driver, gunner, signaler, etc.).

→ Of course, no young soldier is admitted without a 4-month probation period and afterwards they will then enter combat duty in different parts of the country.

Medical profile 72-97
To get into this unit, one should inform the sorting officer at the interview (Katsin miyun) or choose it while filling in the form sent by the army (Manila).

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