Lotar unit (Lehima be terror) undergoes the combat training of TZAHAL special unit soldiers. This unit not only trains soldiers, but very often the fighters join elite unit operations in order to gain combat experience and learn new approaches to warfare.

→Except standard training courses (the IDF infantry brigades training level) the Lotar soldiers follow a half-year counter-terrorism course and training for instructors.

→There are two ways to join the Lotar unit:

1. Complete “Gibbush” (physical fitness and psychological evaluation) in the Kfir Brigade
2. Complete Yom Sayarot . There are soldiers who after being accepted to the most elite units, for example the Navy Seals (Shayetet 13), fail to accomplish the training for whatever reason. They are offered to join other special units such as, for example, Lotar.

Medical profile 97
Psychometric score not less than 52 (Kaba)

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