Engineering Corps (Andasa Kravit)

Engineering Corps (Andasa Kravit)

AndasaTagThe Israeli Combat Engineering Corps is the combat engineering forces of the Israel Defense Forces.
Its roles include mobility assurance, road breaching, defense and fortifications, counter-mobility of enemy forces, construction and destruction under fire, sabotage, explosives, bomb disposal, counter-NBC and special engineering missions.

During warfare, the Combat Engineering troops operate as an infantry unit in all matters and are responsible for implementing engineering missions, such as the detonation and demolition of homes.

→ Length of training: 8 months (Basic training + course and advance training). Rovai 07

→ Placement and possibilities of advancement: After finishing the course, the fighters will be placed in the different explosives brigade bases

Soldiers that fit the criteria can continue to commanders and officer’s course

How to join:
Medical Profile required 82-97
Ask Kazin Miun (Placement officer) or mark Andasa Kravit as a first priority in “Manila” (Placement questionnaire)

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