Air Force Technician (Technai Heil Havir)

Air Force Technician (Technai Heil Havir)

It is a top-requested and multifunctional job in the Air Force of TZAHAL. In “Heil from the replacement of big parts of aircrafts Havir techni” the soldiers perform army equipment maintenance and repair, starting to the adjustment and repair complex systems in laboratories. While serving, technicians work with various models of aircraft, helicopter, as well as external and internal aircraft systems.

→There are several positions at the technical unit: a mechanic/technician (technai) who is responsible for rescue equipment (ahrai tzuid betihut ve hatzala), a mechanic/technician who is responsible for parachute equipment (ahrai tzuid tzniha), a warehouse worker (hafsanai), and others.

→The course length depends on the specialty received after the placement to the Air Force.

→There is a possibility to join officer courses while serving, or to follow contract service after completing compulsory military service.

Placement by the sorting officer (Katzin Miyun)
Priority assignment for recruits with technical skills and education

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