Dental assistant (Sayat rofe shinaim)

Dental assistant (Sayat rofe shinaim)

There is an interesting and widely available opportunity for women in TZAHAL to enter the world of medicine, especially dentistry. Sayat rofe shinaim help dentists in everyday medical practice: surgery, dental filling, tooth root removal, teeth alignment, x-raying, etc.

In addition, female assistants are responsible for fulfilling administrative work at the clinic, ordering equipment and materials, filling in patient records and medical records.

→The training is 13 weeks long where soldiers learn basic human anatomy, physiology and fundamentals of biology. Later on, assistants study essentials of stomatology.
→Sayat rofe shinaim have the right to obtain assistant’s diploma issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health after passing requisite examinations within their military service.

Placement according to the preliminary tests results (Yom aMea) or by the sorting officer (Katzin Miyun)

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