Kfir Brigade

Kfir Brigade

KfirTagThe infantry Kfir Brigade is the youngest one, and it was established in 2005. However, despite its short “term of service” it gained the reputation of uncompromising fighters. The Kfir units have taken part in most of TZAHAL recent operations.

→«Kfirs» follow basic military training during 16 weeks for the level (Rovai) 05 and then they have advanced training for level 07. 4-month combat experience is integral to the training.

→ Once the training has been accomplished, the soldiers are distributed by squadrons of senior soldiers in the battalion, some soldiers are sent to attend different kinds of courses, such as leadership and even officer courses further on.

Medical profile 82-97
To get into this unit, one should inform the sorting officer at the interview (Katsin miyun) or choose it while filling in the form sent by the army (Manila).

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