Field intelligence fighter (Isuf Kravi) – women

Field intelligence fighter (Isuf Kravi) – women

IsufKraviTagNew and unique role in the field intelligence corps for women in TZAHAL. Fighting which is integrated with the collection and ongoing operational activity focused on foot and mounted on mobile combat SUVs.

Fighter designated middle pickup operates the most advanced, designed to detect and prevent terrorist activity along the borders and in special operations.

→ Length of training: Basic Training 3 months (Rovai 03) + Advanced Training 3 months

→ Obligation mandatory to serve 32 months. There is an obligation to be a part of the army reserve in the IDF

Soldiers that fit the criteria can continue to commanders and officer’s course

How to join:
Medical Profile required 82-97
Screening process: a two day tryout (Miun Lohamot)

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