Engineering Corps (Andasa Kravit) – women

Engineering Corps (Andasa Kravit) – women


The Israeli Combat Engineering Corps is the combat engineering forces of the Israel Defense Forces. The fighter position in explosives unit is mainly used in times of emergency. The position includes using methods of detection and identification of chemical warfare materials, purification and gas drilling.

The basic training is at a level 03 (Rovai), during which the soldiers will be trained on a variety of content needed for combat, such as shooting weapons, field training exercises, field staff and physical training etc.

After basic training the soldiers go through a professional course on gas, and the soldiers will also learn the necessary knowledge for emergency events. After finishing all the courses needed the day to day work includes making operational employment and combat terrorism in various regions (southern border and Judea and Samaria), during the operational employment the fighters will go on tours by foot and by armored vehicles, ambushes and will take part in protecting land for settlements and in work against intrusion attempts by hostile elements.

→ Length of training: 8 months (Basic training + course and advance training)

→ Placement and possibilities of advancement: After finishing the course, the fighters will be placed in the different
explosives brigade bases

→ Obligation mandatory to serve 32 months. There is an obligation to be a part of the army reserve in the IDF

Soldiers that fit the criteria can continue to commanders and officer’s course

How to join:
Medical Profile required 72-97
High Kaba (Qualitative score)
Screening process: a two day tryout (Miun Lohamot)

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