Plaster Plus stop-bleeding plasters

Plaster Plus stop-bleeding plasters


20 stop-bleeding plasters

  • Flexible and “breathing” fabric
  • Skin color
  • Suitable for adults and children
Made in Israel
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Plaster Plus stop-bleeding plaster is a flexible and unique plaster with the haemostatic active ingredient to stop bleeding.

The plaster protects the wound without adhering to it, enabling an effective healing process, suitable for minor wounds and superficial cuts. The plasters are nude-colored and water-proof

  • Soft
  • Feels nice over the skin
  • Gentle adhesion for painless removal
  • Extra felxible for maximum comfort
  • Standard size – 3″x3/4″ (7.2×1.9 cm)
  • Easy to open and apply
Instructions of Use
  1. Clean and disinfect the wound area
  2. Dry wound and surrounding area thoroughly
  3. Position the bandaid and gently press over the skin
  4. Change daily or as necessary
  5. Discard after one use
  6. Use of the product on children should be supervised by an adult
Weight: 20.00 Grams


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