Personal Green IDF Dressing

Personal Green IDF Dressing


Personal ZAHAL Dressing

  • Carried by every Israeli Army Soldier (IDF)
  • Elastic
  • Sterile
Made in Israel
Expire Date: 10/2030
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Israeli Emergency Bandage.

This is a sterile dressing in a a tightly-sealed vacuum bag:

  • Its objective is to stop hemorrhaging and bandage wounds as first aid on the field
  • It is carried by every Israeli Army (IDF) soldier regularly on the field, in training and in combat, and even in office bases
  • Can be used for military or civilian purposes
  • It is a must-have for militarily collectors
  • Can be self-applied – meaning an injured person my treat himself using it

Pad Size:
4″ x 4″/ 10cm x 10cm
Dressing length – 70″/ 88cm

Personal IDF Dressings an integral part of every first aid kit at home or at work. Be always prepared for emergency!


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