Navy Commander (Chovelet)

In 1998 TZAHAL Navy Commander courses were opened for women. Since then more than 100 conscripts have successfully passed selection and have been enrolled in the Hovlim course.

«Hovel» is a TZAHAL elite officer who has completed special training for the commandment of Israeli Navy ships and soldiers. As sea captains have to deal not only with soldiers but also with technologically-complicated systems of the ship, «Hovlot» follow long training which includes officer courses leading to a Bachelor’s degree.

→ The training is 20 months long; the minimum term of contract service is 61 months.

→ The selection includes passing psychometric and psychological tests, and finally ending with a four-day «Gibbush» (physical and psychological evaluation).

Medical profile 72-97
Psychometric score not less than 52 (Kaba)

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