Lifeguard at pools (Matzil baBriha)

For recruits who used to do swimming there is a position of a lifeguard at pools at Air Force bases (Kheil HaAvir). «Matzil baBriha” is quite a rare position, but a very good possibility for sportsmen to “pursue their occupation” during their service in TZAHAL. “Matzilim” fulfill two main functions, those of lifeguard and swimming pool administrator. Soldiers in this position receive a rescuer card accepted by the Ministry of Labor which is valid both in the army and in civilian life.

→The lifeguard course is 1 month long.
→During service one can take additional courses: a gym instructor, a canyoning instructor, a krav maga instructor, a physical training instructor and other beneficial occupations.

The selection for the position of «Mazil ba Briha» is held once a year at the Wingate physical education center. The selection stages include a lecture to an audience, a personal interview and a physical test in swimming: crawl stroke (50 m) – 42 seconds at a minimum, breast stroke (50 m) – 52 seconds at a minimum, underwater swimming – 25 m at a minimum.

Recruits are required to submit doctor’s permission about their health condition.

Medical profile 72 and highеr
Good sight
Selection prior conscription

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