Jumpmaster (Madrihat Tzniha) — women

A jumpmaster is a very important and interesting position for women in the Israeli army. As the name suggests, Madrih Tzniha conduct parachute jump courses for Paratrooper units of the Israeli Army and other corps. Besides the jumpmasters’ responsibilities include landing operations with combat equipment and teaching high-altitude parachute jumps techniques.

→The training is one year long, which includes 4 months of basic military training for combat units 05 (Rovaeii), and then 2 weeks of training for combat jumps followed by half a year’s instructor training course comprising parachute jumps from various airborne vehicles and different altitudes.

→The term of military service in this unit is 32 months (women sign a contract to extend their service term from 24 to 32 months) plus one year of contract service.

In order to attain the jumpmaster’s position one needs to select “Madrihat Tzniha” in the questionnaire (Manila). It is also necessary to express your wish to take part in a jumpmaster’s course during a personal interview. It is also necessary to pass additional tests in the Army school of paratroopers including a medical check-up.

Medical profile 82-97
High psychometric profile (Kaba)
Placement according to the preliminary tests results (Yom aMea) or by the sorting officer (Katzin Miyun)

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