IDF Helmet Shape Breaker – Mitznefet

IDF Helmet Shape Breaker – Mitznefet


Double Sided Helmet Cover TZAHAL – Mitznefet

  • Mil-Spec Nylon Mesh 
  • Weight 120 g 
  • Double Sided: Desert/Woodland
Made in Israel
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The original Israeli Mitznefet breaks up the shape of a military helmet and makes it difficult for enemy snipers to spot. Mitznefets are used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and other forces to break up the shape of their helmets in the asymmetry of nature. The round, precision-cut nature of a military helmet is easy to spot downrange and the Mitznefet not only makes it much more difficult to identify, providing exceptional camouflage, but also supplies 360 degree shade from the sun. 

When worn without a helmet the Mitznefet also allows for an air flow to the head and for heat to escape keeping you shaded, camouflaged and cool in combat environments. The Mitznefet helmet cover is available for the first time in mil-spec Multicam and features a tether to connect it to your helmet so that it cannot get lost.

Adjustable – one size fits all helmets

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