Flashlight Pistol Mount & Clip

Flashlight Pistol Mount & Clip

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Tactical Pistol Flashlight by CAA

  • Compatible With the Micro RONI
  • Small, lightweight and compact
  • Made Of: Poly
Made in Israel
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A Great 4 in 1 Combo:
Belt Clip, Stand-Alone Search Light, Pistol-Mounted and Compatible With the Micro RONI.


  • Truly Versatile, one of a kind tactical flashlight platform
  • Provides a wide array of lighting and temporarily blinding solutions in tactical and home–protection scenarios
  • Easily drawn from the clip and deployed according to the situation
  • Quickly and easily shifted between its various options (Belt Clip, Stand-Alone Search Light, Pistol-Mounted and Micro RONI)

A powerful 500 lumens beam

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