Egoz Marom Dolphin Semi Modular Tactical Vest – TV7776

Egoz Marom Dolphin Semi Modular Tactical Vest – TV7776


Tactical Combat Vest by Marom Dolphin

  • Officially approved by ZAHAL
  • Low weight
  • Water repellent materials
Made in Israel
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The Semi Modular Tactical Vest was developed as part of Marom Dolphin’s new concept of a Semi-Modular configuration for military use. The vest is a side opening vest with a slim design for better operation in urban and guerrilla warfare’s.

General Features:
The TV7776 vest, also known as EGOZ vest, is a Tactical Semi-Modular non-ballistic vest for military, police and civilian uses.
Our vest was specially developed & designed while considering the following aspects:

  • To be of a low weight, for the convenience of the wearer
  • To be easy to use and to handle
  • Semi-Modular- for allowing each soldier to attach pouches at his own comfort of operation
  • To be fully comfortable while in use with other tactical accessories such as: ballistic helmets, thigh holsters, etc
  • To be able to easily adjust the vest even while the vest is on the wearer
  • The vest is assembled of a front part and a back part made possible to split
  • Surface material of vest carrier: Nylon coated with water repellent material
  • Available colors: Black, Green, Coyote Tan or Camouflage patterns upon request

Available sizes: One size fit all

The vest is composed of the following components:
1.Front cover of vest
2.Back cover of vest

Specification of each part of the vest:

The front cover panel
Outer part features:

  • Two Fixed magazine pouches
  • Hand grenade pouch
  • Small medical pouch
  • Flash bang pouch
  • Two 3X4 MOLLE rows for additional MOLLE pouch (suggest: Radio pouch, magazine pouch and much more).
  • Hook fastener material for attaching shoulder straps from the back part.
  • Two buckles on each side of the vest for connecting the front part to the back part.

The back cover panel
Outer part features:

  • A 30 litter detachable bag including a dedicate pouch for water bladder and 2X6 MOLLE webbing for additional MOLEE pouches.
  • A “flat-back” configuration is allowed by removing the detachable bag for caring larger equipment.
  • A drag strap.
  • Two webbings on each side of the panel with buckles for attaching the back panel with the front one.

MOLLE Pouches:

A. Radio Pouch
B. Magazine Pouch

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