Arayot Hayarden

Подразделение Арайот ЯрденThe Arayot Hayarden unit has appeared recently — in 2014 the stuffing of the new unit began, and in 2015 the official ceremony of the new infantry unit establishment was held. The Arayot Hayarden unit is staffed by men and women who carry out combat duty: they patrol the borders, conduct detention and pursuit of perpetrators, fight against terror and do many other things. The soldiers of this infantry unit perform their duty at the Israel’s Eastern border and in the area of the Jordan River.

→The training includes basic military training and combat training 07 (Rovai) based at Tzanhanim (including specializing in a wide range of weapons, physical training, camouflage trickery and the field craft). The professional training lasts 4 months.

Medical profile 72-97
To get into this unit, one should inform the sorting officer at the interview (Katsin miyun) or choose it while filling in the form sent by the army (Manila).

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