YALTAM (Navy forces)

The special forces unit YALTAM for underwater execution tasks (Yahida leMesisot Tam-Yamiyot) is a part of elite Israeli Navy TZAHAL combat units (Heil HaYam) which are tasked with diving and fulfilling complicated underwater assignments.

The soldiers’ missions of this unit include underwater bomb detection and disarming, welding, cutting and other kinds of work with steel constructions at the depth, carrying out secret experiments underwater as well as assisting in the maintenance of Navy vessels in hard-to-reach places.

Besides the «Yahida» unit takes part in underwater rescue operations, conducts joint training with foreign special forces units in Israel and abroad to rescue submarines, to practice deep dives and the defusing of bombs and munitions.

YALTAM often conducts joint military operations with missile boats (Satilim), Navy seals (Shayetet 13), and also with the special unit Yahalom (Engineering corps) and Israeli police.

→ The training course lasts 12 months during which soldiers follow basic military training (Rovai 02), professional deep-sea diving courses, de-mining training, underwater search and detection training, acquiring vessels repair skills, learning navigational skills and a lot more.

→ There are three ways to be accepted into the YALTAM unit:

  • To complete “Gibbush” selection to the armed patrol boat unit –Satilim/Dvorim – with distinction, and after that to be chosen to the Snapir unit. The best soldiers of the course can apply for the YALTAM unit.
  • Through Shayetet 13 or Hovlim units (Navy Captains)
  • Sometimes some distinguished soldiers can get an invitation to be directly accepted to the YALTAM unit in the process of «Gibbush» Satilim/Dvorim.

The YALTAM special unit soldiers perform a 100-meter dive.



Medical profile 72-97
High psychometric score (Kaba)
Passing all kinds of selection («Gibbush»)
Technical knowledge and diving skills increase the chance of being recruited to the unit

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