Hygiene Kit Akileine

Hygiene Kit Akileine

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Hygiene Army Kit

  • Instant Deodorant Foot Spray
  • Anti-Chafing Cream
  • Shower Gel
Recommended for soldiers in all type of units
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The largest and most effective line of sports creams. Akileine Sports is the officially nominated supplier to The French National University Federation of Sports and The French Olympic Team.

In Kit:

1. AKILEINE Instant Deodorant Foot Spray – Reduces perspiration, deodorizes and refreshes the feet. Prevents and reduces offensive and disagreeable odours thanks to lichen extract and allantoin salts. Helps to keep feet dry and fresh all day long.

2. SPORTS AKILEINE NOK Anti-Chafing Cream – Strengthens and protects the skin from chafing. Reinforce the skin and helps to prevent damages and discomfort due to rubbing. Efficiency on all skin areas with rubbing contacts (armpits, groins, thighs, heels).
Clinically proven. Water-resistant. Perspiration-resistant.

3. SPORTS AKILEINE CLEAN Shower Gel – Convenient 2 in 1 product for hair and body wash. Energizes and makes the skin feel fresh and clean. For all skin and hair types. Mild formula respecting the body pH, perfect for frequent uses.

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