Miluim Bundle

In 2009, drawing from the symbolic meaning of the ancient fortress, Masada Armour was established in Israel. Since then, Masada Armour’s focus has been on providing solid support to the armed forces. With ballistic protection at its center, Masada Armour has been designing and manufacturing a unique range of protective equipment with an uncompromising commitment to quality, schedule and performance.

The company grew further in 2017 with addition of several partners, gaining more and more recognition and market share in Israel and worldwide due to its innovative approach towards armored technology, supporting the ever-changing needs of armed forces, law enforcement and civilians.

Masada Armour provides the armed forces and law enforcement units with products developed and produced with appreciation of the specific needs of these segments. As a ballistic Centre of Excellence, Masada Armour not only develops and offers innovative armor technology and ballistic protection solutions to meet customers’ rigorous requirements, but also provides a range of services from polyethylene pressing and web-based customer service.

Masada Armour is one of few companies on the market which caters holistically for today’s market needs, in particular the requirement for security of supply, by both producing fabrics, and having a resilient, multi-pronged supply chain.

The strength of the company lies not only in the combined experience and expertise of its founders and employees, but also in synergy with local partners. The company’s openness to collaboration allows local producers in the target market to enhance their offering with advanced ballistic solutions, and to provide their customers with best value products.

Masada Armour is a Ballistic Centre of Excellence, trusted by armed forces and law enforcement worldwide. Our innovative body armour and ballistic protection solutions are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of each user.
We leverage cutting-edge technology and high-performance materials to create lightweight, comfortable armor that delivers the ultimate protection in the line of duty.