Yahalom (Handansa Kravit)

yahalomtagThe «Yahalom» unit (Diamond in Hebrew) or the abbreviation “YAHALM” (Yahida Handasait Lemesimot Miuhadot) is a special engineering unit. Yahalom is an elite unit relating to Hadansa Kravit (Engineering Brigade), which performs special missions and conducts joint operations with other special units of TZAHAL. The Yahalom soldiers’ activity is strictly classified and most of the operations of this unit go unreported.

Currently a decision has been taken to expand the engineering brigade unit because they are irreplaceable while working on tunnels.

During military service in the Yahalom unit, soldiers fulfill various tasks relating to the targeted destruction of objects on Israeli territory, demolition activity behind enemy lines, defusing explosive devices of diverse complexity and working with explosive matters of all kinds.

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yahalomandasakravitThe special unit also operates robotics and modern remote-controlled technologies that help to minimize damage and save civilian lives. Moreover, Yahalom makes developments in the field of combat engineering and implements new technologies into the Israeli army.

→The training in this unit for level 07 (Rovai) includes an infantry unit training course, Krav Maga lessons, a special course of combat engineering, a counter-terror Lotar course, an air drop course (Tzniha), canyoning training, first aid dressing etc.

→Upon completion of the training the Yahalom soldiers receive level 09 (Rovaeii) which also gives them commanders’ powers (Mefaked).

In order to be accepted to Yahalom one has to complete a 5-day “Gibbush” after being drafted to the engineering brigade (Handasa Kravit). In the framework of “Gibbush” candidates pass physical fitness and psychological readiness selection test and also have a personal interview.

yahalomsikaSoldiers who for any reason failed to pass Pilot courses (Tays), Air Force courses (Hovlim) or Submariner (Tzolelolt) captain courses may also be accepted to the Handasa Kravit unit. Such soldiers take an additional interview to show that they comply with the Yahalom unit requirements.

Medical profile 82-97
Personal profile 52 and above (Kaba)

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