Programmer (Mamram)

Подразделение МамрамThe computer center of information technologies or “Mamram” for short is a TZAHAL department which is related to the technological unit of the Israeli Army (Heil Tikshuv). Soldiers in “Mamram” write program codes for modern technologies in various spheres (computers, satellites, mobile phones, etc.)

The training course is very intense and multilateral. It is widely known outside Israel and is highly appreciated in the IT sphere (Mamram programmers). Soldiers learn programming languages (JAVA, C++, C#, WEB, Assemble, SQL etc.) in different programming domains (Windows, Unix, MF), learn how to work independently on complex tasks, as well as how to learn team-working skills.

→The training starts before conscription at the Ramat Gana base and lasts for 25 weeks.
→All programmers of the Mamram unit must sign a contract for 2.5 years of service.

It is necessary to pass a selection test (no special knowledge required)
Medical profile 64 and below (there might be exceptions for soldiers with a higher profile)
High psychometric score (Kaba)
Security clearance (Sivug Bithoni)

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