Paramedic – women


A paramedic in TZAHAL is a prestigious position in «Heil Refua» (Medical corps of the army), it is a good possibility for women to start their medical career and gain indispensable experience. A paramedic’s responsibilities include first aid treatment in emergencies in case of severe injuries, serious diseases and in situations when people’s lives are at risk.

Paramedics undertake serious training and if required are the first to arrive at the scene of the accident in order to administer first aid to injured people. A paramedic has got all powers of a medic («Hoveshet») and is as qualified as a doctor in the field to administer first aid and perform other necessary actions before transporting an injured person to hospital.

→The training course is 58 weeks long (13 months) which includes 4 months of studying at the medical school before conscription (Baad base 10) in cooperation with Mada (Medical ambulance).

→Basic military training for level 03 (Rovai).

→Practical training at one of the hospitals on board an emergency ambulance

→The term of military service in this unit is 32 months (women sign a contract to extend their service term from 24 to 32 months).

Placement at bases of combat and elite units

The selection for the paramedic post is made before conscription and consists of group simulation, personal interviews, and tests.

Placement subject to the results of preliminary tests (Yom aMea) and further selection
Priority is given to those who did volunteering in “Mada” (Ambulance service)

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