Enegizer LED headlight

Enegizer LED headlight

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Haedlamp Energizer 3 LED

  • Light output 80 lumens
  • Run time 7 hours
  • Impact resistant 1 meter
Made in USA
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Brilliant ways to use your head – browse our assortment of powerful and lightweight LED headlights…also known as headlamps. Comfortable, secure and durable, these headlamps are the perfect solution for any jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands.

Useful in the army.

  • 2 light modes to control brightness and runtime
  • Powerful headlamp beam. Up to 4X brighter than standard LED technology
  • Pivots to direct headlamp light where you need it
  • Easy to operate slide switch

Includes 3 AAA Energizer® MAX® batteries

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