Electronic warfare (Lochem lamed alef)

The EW soldiers’ or electronic warfare soldiers’ (“Lochem lechima electronit”) unit relates to “hel-tikshuv” (telecommunication technologies). The main tasks of the unit’s soldiers are jamming radio signals, and capturing and «taking over» enemy’s television and radio systems on the ground, both in the sea and in the air. As part of the service in TZAHAL cyber units, soldiers use all range of electronic warfare systems and state-of-the-art technologies.

→The training is 9 months long and includes basic training (tironut) and 5 months of the core course. “Lamed alef” soldiers follow infantry units' training for level 03 (Rovaeii), armored troop carrier driver education, a parachute jumping course and a lot more.

→Upon completion of the training, the cyber unit soldiers are assigned to one of the TZAHAL units in the position of combat soldiers, or they become training instructors for new “Lamed alef” recruits.

→Further on it is possible to be enrolled in leadership and officer courses.

It is possible to be accepted to this unit after having been selected to the computer unit (“eshkol”) in telecommunication technologies (“hel tikshuv”). It’s also necessary to pass additional tests and a personal interview for the position of “Lochem lechima electronit”.

After finishing military service Israeli EW soldiers have a good employment opportunity in civilian life.

Medical profile 72-97
High psychometric score level (Kaba)
Security clearance (Sivug Bithoni)

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