Cook (Tabahit) – women

The position of a cook exists at many TZAHAL bases as it is necessary to provide 3 daily meals to all the soldiers and officers. “Tabahit” is usually attached to a chief (a professional under contract: “ish-keva”) who makes up a menu and is in charge of the overall cooking process. Cooks’ duties are: cutting salads, boiling, frying, stewing and even baking. In addition, cooks take care of the kitchen equipment, food reserves and order in the kitchen.

→The course is 2 weeks long.
→There is an opportunity to get promoted to the position of a «shift captain», as well as contract service extension («kewa») and to follow a special course of a chief (meeting the needs of the army).
→The army service in the position of a cook assistant counts for the required work experience when entering chief courses in civilian life.

Placement at different bases all over the country; conditions to have home leave – a week at the base – a week at home.

Placement according to the preliminary tests results (Yom aMea) or by the sorting officer (Katzin Miyun)
Priority is given to soldiers with economic difficulties or family problems


konditorit→ At some bases (for example, Air Force) there is a rare job of a «baker’s assistant». Soldiers at this «tafkid» specialize in cooking various desserts and pastry 🙂

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