Cook (Tabah)

The position of a cook exists at many TZAHAL bases, as it is necessary to provide 3 daily meals to all soldiers and officers. “Tabah” is usually attached to a chef (a professional under contract: “ish-keva”), who makes up a menu and is in charge of the overall cooking process. Cooks are responsible for the following: cutting salad, boiling, frying, stewing and even baking. Besides, cooks take care of the kitchen equipment maintenance, food supplies, and maintain good order in the kitchen.

→Tabahim cook food in combat units as well as in the field.
→The course lasts 2 weeks.
→There is a possibility to get a promotion to the position of a «shift captain» as well as a contract service extension («kewa») and to take a special cooking course with the qualification of a chef depending on the army needs.

Placements take place at military bases all over the country. Conditions for taking home-leave: a week on service – a week at home.

It is necessary to select “Tabah" first on the pre-conscription questionnaire (Manila) or placement by the Katzin MiyunPriority is given to soldiers with economic difficulties or family problems.


konditor→At some bases (for example, Air Force) there is a rare job of a «pastry chef assistant». Soldiers at this «tafkide» specialize in cooking various desserts and pastry 🙂

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