Communication technician (Mafilat tikshuv miftzai) – women

MafilTikshuvMifzaiService in the position of a communication technician is a good opportunity for women to gain valuable experience in the TZAHAL. Soldiers in the position of “MATAM” (Mafilat tikshuv miftzai) are responsible for identifying, problem solving, adjustment and calibration of various means of communication and transmission, including tactical control systems, signals encryption, radio sets ground-to-air, etc.

→Basic training 02 (Rovaei) followed by an 11-week training course.

Placement at the bases all over the country

Placement according to the preliminary tests results (Yom aMea) or placement by the Katzin Miyun
High-level access to classified data (Sivug Bitkhoni)


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