Army store manager (Mashakit Shekel /Shekem/Kaveret)

KaveretThere is an army store for soldiers at almost every base of the Israeli Army which is better known as “Shekem”. The chain changes its name from time to time and today the stores are called “Kaveret”. The “Kaveret” manager at a base is a position for soldiers in TZAHAL. Occupying this post women serve the customers of the store, keep accounts and inventories, work with suppliers and keep a check of the sales balance sheet.

→The course is 2 weeks long.

Placements all over the country. The possibility to leave for home depends on the base — yomiot (every day), a week stay at the base – a week stay at home or hamshushim (a leave for a weekend).

Placement according to the preliminary tests results (Yom aMea) or by the sorting officer (Katzin Miyun)
Priority is given to soldiers with economic difficulties or family problems.

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